Differenza Tra Settlement E Voluntary Agreement

To take an example, Thohirs Inter was in a very similar situation to that of present-day Milan (it came from years of large budget losses) and had a slightly higher financial debt (220 million) than that of AC Milan. Corriere dello Sport now clearly notes that, in the case of the voluntary agreement, only companies not qualified for the European Cups, if the agreement comes into force or who changed ownership last year (the case of AC Milan), can apply for them until 31 December. The agreement can last up to four years and must include commitments for a long-term business plan. Uefa can only grant it if this plan is based on reasonable assumptions and in the absence of specific guarantees of the soundness of the activities. Sanctions are only provided for non-compliance with the agreements. It must be said that this type of contract has never been signed with an association. Seven years later, Paris Saint-Germain freed itself from the “burden” of the Qatari tourist office. A sponsor, who was funding the Paris Club with an agreement initially estimated at between $150 million and $200 million, found himself under the microscope of Uefa because of the generous subsidies granted to the club of Sheikh Al Khelaifis. The Settlment agreement placed bets (from 2014 to 2017), but the historic change only happened this year. Psg has another… Indeed, if, from an economic point of view (the difference between revenue and costs) milan accounts are certainly not considered brilliant (the 2017-2018 fiscal year, By his own admission, should close with a red for 80 million), the new targets mentioned by management at the shareholders` meeting on 2 May (and probably also of Uefa) seem more realistic than those of the last months (-55/60 million in 2019 and draw in 2020) and therefore within the reach of the association. Let us turn now to the conciliation agreement.

UEFA includes in this programme all companies that have not complied with the parameters of financial fair play (red balance sheet totalling up to 30 million in three years).

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