Oracle Apex License Agreement

Oracle APEX 5.0 and higher can be installed on all editions (SE1, SE and EE) of the Oracle database, or more with an Oracle technical assistance agreement. It can also be used with Oracle Database 11g Express Edition (XE), but it is supported by the discussion forum on the oracle network and not on Oracle Support Services. Hello JoelHad a question about the use of Oracle APEX in the production database. One of my clients does not have a current Oracle Database license, i.e. more Oracle support. Based on the conversations exchanged on this blog, it seems that this customer is not compliant or hurtful if he tries to implement Oracle APEX in production without adequate service agreement. Can you share your comments? Thanks in advance RASOSSD This section contains third-party licensing information for all third-party products included in Oracle Database Express Edition (XE). Oracle recognizes that the following software is used by third parties and open source in the provided programs that are processed in this documentation. RAOSSD, Licensed and Supported are two different things.

If you have a valid license for Oracle Database, you have a valid license for APEX. And let`s not forget that there is a free, unsured version of Oracle Database, called XE. You can also use APEX in XE for free. Joel Recently, an Oracle sales agent in Germany informed a customer that certain usage scenarios are not covered by the Oracle XE license and that he should, for this purpose, acquire a license from Oracle (at least Standard One). The instructions required for software or components of separate licensed software or components sold in Oracle Database 18c are shown in the table below as well as the license information. You will find additional information and/or licenses in the documentation or readme files provided by each third-party software. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a web-based software development environment that is run in an Oracle database. It is considered a “low code” application. APEX allows developers to switch from a code to a low code to more code ( – Oracle APEX is fully supported and is part of all Oracle Database Editions. Starting with Oracle 11g, APEX was installed by default as part of the database database installation. C.

indicate that the authorized material is authorized under this public license and contains the text or the URI or the hyperlink to that public license. A copy of the license is available on JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) 3.0.0 License. A copy of the license can be found under protocol buffer (also known as Google Protobuf) 3.5.1. Hello Marcos,There are no license restrictions for the number of APEX app developers, nor are there licensing restrictions for the number of end-users of an APEX application. Everything is included in your database license. As for the only restriction I can imagine, if you have a named user license for the database (which almost no one does), I imagine the Named-User limit would come into play. I hope it helps. Joel These conditions are identical to those of the MIT license, also called the X or X11 license, which is a simple and free free license without copyleft.

It is considered compatible with virtually all types of licenses, commercial or other. In particular, the Free Software Foundation has declared it compatible with GNU GPL. It is also known to be approved by Apache Software Foundation as compatible with Apache Software`s license. Without limitation, including and without limitation of the rights to copy, create derivative works, display, perform and distribute software, use, sell, import, import, export, have, and have sold, and have the above rights to these or other sublicensings.

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