2008 Ceasefire Agreement Georgia

A ceasefire was unilaterally announced on 10 August by the Georgian authorities. The Georgians indicated that one objective was to withdraw Georgian troops from South Ossetia. However, Russia did not accept this ceasefire offer. [174] After the ceasefire agreement was brokered by French President Nicolas Sarkozy on August 12 at 3 p.m., a deadline was set on August 12 for the cessation of military action; However, Russian forces have not stopped pushing forward. [175] South Ossitian separatists began on August 1 with intense fire on Georgian villages. This led Georgian peacekeepers and Georgian soldiers to retaliate stead for fire. [32] [33] [34] [35] [126] [127] On the night of August 1 to 2, shells and mortar fire were replaced. He also said that South Ossetia`s independence would block Georgia`s accession to NATO and that it should be recognized before December 2008. [112] In early July, the Kavkaz Center reported that Chechen separatists had intelligence data, that Russia was preparing in August-September 2008 a military operation against Georgia aimed primarily at expelling Georgian forces from the Kodori Gorge; this was followed by the expulsion of Georgian units and population from South Ossetia. [113] The Russian president was ready to sign the ceasefire, rice said, who said international observers could enter within days to be followed by a “robust” peacekeeping force. Rice, who was in Tibilisi to support Georgia after being driven out by Russia, said Russian forces must leave Georgia immediately after the ceasefire was signed. Poti is Georgia`s main seaport on the Black Sea and serves as an essential entry to Transcaucasia and the inland network of Central Asia. [210] On August 8, Russian planes attacked the town of Poti, causing a two-day closure of the seaport.

[210] On August 10, 2008, Russia positioned ships near Poti and other Georgian ports. [204] The next day, Georgian and Russian officials said that Russian troops were in Poti. . . .

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