American Acupuncture Council Arbitration Agreement

By voluntary signature, I show that I have read or read the above consent for treatment, that I have been informed of the risks and benefits of acupuncture and other procedures, and that I have had the opportunity to ask questions. I intend this declaration of consent to cover the entire treatment for my current condition and for all future conditions for which I wish to treat myself. The second reason why the costs of insurance against processing errors are significantly reduced is the savings resulting from the substantial reduction in the amount paid to lawyers. It costs between $50,000 and $100,000 in attorneys` fees to defend a fault claim in civil court. It costs between US$15,000 and US$45,000 to defend a doctor in arbitration. This is due to the fact that proceedings and quarrels between lawyers over discovery are largely eliminated and the average duration of arbitration is five months and not five years. What is arbitration? A physician and patient may agree to use a private, confidential and expedited arbitration procedure instead of a lengthy and costly public court proceeding in the courtroom to decide on a treatment error. In the case of arbitration proceedings, the case is decided by a mutual arbitrator (usually a retired judge). Each party has the same right to produce in its possession all relevant evidence as it would in a public trial. Witnesses may be summoned and documents filed. However, lawyers should not participate in procedural requests and discovery games that drive up civil litigation costs.

You`ve probably heard of arbitration, but do you know how it can help protect you? I will first explain what arbitration is. I will help you protect yourself. Be sure to listen to the end and I`ll tell you how trade-offs can save you money. I understand that I am the decision-maker of my health care. Part of the role of this office is to provide me with information that will help me make informed decisions. This process is often referred to as “informed consent” and involves my understanding and consent for recommended care, as well as the benefits and risks of providing health care during a pandemic. Given the current COVID-19 testing restrictions, I understand that it is extremely difficult to determine who is infected with COVID-19. The reason is simple: these companies do not have their own arbitration program. As soon as these companies start offering their own arbitration program, they will no longer oppose such an obvious cost-cutting measure.

Arbitration is an alternative to courts where claims can be adjudicated. If patients sign arbitration agreements, your patients agree that if they want to make claims against you in the future, those claims will be judged before arbitration and not in court. Instead of the fault case being tried by a judge or jury, the case is decided by an arbitrator. The arbitrator is usually a retired judge specializing in misconduct. Arbitration also removes the emotion of the decision on abuse claims and ensures that a neutral and passionate expert decides the case based on its merits and not its emotional appeal. The four biggest awards given to non-physicians in history have all been strokes where the practitioner has never been found negligent by the jury. Nevertheless, these doctors suffered the following judgments: $1.8 million in California; $2 million in California; $5.4 million in Kansas; and the current record holder, $10 million in Connecticut. Unfortunately, none of these doctors were in a program based on arbitration. On the other hand, there has never been an arbitration award against a non-doctor over 100,000 $US. Massage and ACUPUNCTURE INFORMED CONSENT FOR TREATMENT You request and approve the performance of massages, acupuncture treatments and other procedures as part of the practice of acupuncture to me (or the patient mentioned below for whom I am legally responsible) by the acupuncturist(s) who treat me now or in the future. . .


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