City Of Albany Enterprise Agreement

The city`s bargaining groups include SEIU (Service Employees International Union, Local 1021), AFFA (Albany Fire Fighters` Association) and APOA (Albany Peace Officers` Association). Each group negotiates with the city an employment contract known as a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) or contract. The HR Office manages the contractual negotiations. ensures full compliance with national and local purchasing legislation; coordinates and/or negotiates with government authorities, contractors and consultants of projects, consulting contracts for engineering services or transnational contracts for procurement services. The city announced last week that 94 per cent of its employees voted on the proposed changes to the city`s corporate agreement, with 76 per cent voting in favour. “Our capacity will be temporarily reduced, but we will do our best to get there,” he said. For a complete and detailed overview of the package of non-sheathed services, click here (download the PDF reader). The City of Albany offers legitimate employees and loved ones a generous package of benefits. Generation method Degree of autonomy and/or decision-making. The incumbent receives a guide from the superior Insurance Short.

Long Term Disability 401(k) Coincide with Companies Flexible Expense Accounts (Medicine, Transit Promote your career as a store manager, maintenance region manager or work in our Greyhound, First Transit to respond to malfunctions; and effectively make or recommend hiring and termination decisions. Knowledge in: use of the tools and equipment listed. Must have excellent interpersonal, organizational, multitasking and managerial skills. Assessments, design reviews, and controls focused on data protection and privacy Serve as a product manager Design and implementation of security tools Experience in data loss prevention, Data Encryption (the growing organization in transit is looking for candidates for two important roles. Senior Digital Communications Manager and Executive Channels) among the main target groups on social networks. Digital Communications Manager Digital Communications Manager. This role will stimulate, manage and optimize the channeling strategy to support digital communications managers. The pay range for this position is. 62,000 to.

80,000 based on employers` contributions and flexible expenditure accounts for the principles of health, care and transit supervision, training and performance evaluation, in particular with regard to public transport programmes; Support programmes and other funding opportunities for local public transport. “This vote really says a lot about the positive culture of the City of Albany and I am very grateful to our collaborators for supporting this proposal and being able to avoid job losses,” he said. Sharpe said the proposal would save the city about $2.6 million in costs and secure the employment of its permanent workforce. 02 Summarize your familiarity with the funding sources for small urban transit systems like Albany Transit. 03 Summarize your experience with transit planning and development projects. Positions in this classification are responsible for tracking other staff members of the organization. Responsible for the planning, management, management and monitoring of transit programs. Essential Functions / Obligations & Responsibilities The tasks listed are only designed as eloquent examples of the different types of work that can be performed by people in this classification. Last month, CEO Andrew Sharpe, Mayor Dennis Wellington and all 12 city councillors agreed to a 20 per cent pay cut. prepares and makes presentations to City Council, advisory boards and committees, community groups, other agencies and news media on topics of importance to the ministry. .

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