Csa Contract Service Agreement

Access to ~10,000 experts, planned and unplanned operation and maintenance assistance with gas turbine parts, repairs and services as initial equipment offer your ever-changing business environment, but you need to provide consistent results. This is where our MYAS can help. A CSA gives you more time to focus on what you do best, while your Cat reseller offers specialized advice, service, and support to improve machine performance. A long-term power plant service contract, such as a contractual service agreement (CSA) or a multi-annual maintenance program (MMP), gives you better access to the technologies that keep your gas installation relevant in the future. As the world`s leading supplier of gas turbine technology with the world`s largest installed base, we are ready to help you meet the challenges of tomorrow – today. GE (NYSE: GE) Power Generation Services has been awarded a 16-year contracted service contract (CSA) by Russian energy company OJSC for the new Kazanskaya CHP-2 gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Kazan (Tatarstan region of Russia). GE was selected for the contract to ensure the long-term availability of the plant`s gas turbines, supplied by GE, which will help the new facility meet the significant energy needs of the industrial area. . .


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