Vline Franchise Agreement

Under the MR3 agreement, annual funding for work on rail network facilities has increased by approximately $42 million. PTV verified the adequacy of funding levels for maintenance and renewal of train and tram networks and found that it was not able to accurately determine whether current funding was sufficient, in particular due to the lack of comprehensive information on the state of assets. Manually recording this information carries obvious and inherent risks, such as for example. B franchisee errors and distortions, which affect the reliability of the data. The PTV managed this risk through periodic field studies to assess the accuracy of MTM`s reports. From 2011-12 to 2014-15, PTV investigations identified cases of under-reporting of delayed trains. As a result, the PTV imposed fines of approximately $2 million on MTM. To understand the franchisees` operating costs, PTV collaborated with MTM and Yarra Trams and used a transparent and collaborative “open book” approach. The second fixed benchmark was that franchisees should not receive a financial penalty under the Customer Experience Performance Regime (CEPR). The CEPR was largely abandoned in 2012 due to a number of issues – see section 2.4 for further discussion.

Reports the results of the CPPs established at the beginning of the agreements, including: There have long been gaps and gaps in the way the PTV and former responsible authorities have managed the state`s train and tram networks. . . .

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